Education Delivery

Activities of PVPIT

Teaching & Learning Process

An essential characteristic of the education model is the teaching and learning process, through which students assume an active and committed role in their learning. Students require support to meet the objectives of the prescribed curriculum. This support may be in the form of teaching strategies adopted, resources provided and/or special education teachers interacted. The Institute’s Special Education Policy provides direction in meeting the needs of students who require alternate or modified curriculum objectives.

A student-centered approach is implemented which actively engages the young person in the learning process which result in healthy behaviors to be foster and developed.


PVPIT inculcates mentoring process to bridge up gaps between the institute, faculty and the students of the institute. PVPIT Mentoring is to support and encourage students to manage their own learning in order that they may maximize their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be. It is proved to be an effective way of helping students to progress in their careers and is becoming increasing popular as his/her potential is realized. In respect to this, PVPIT has a powerful Mentoring Team which focuses on monthly reviews about lectures/practical’s, parental feedback and the shortcomings of every individual student.

Career Guidance, Training Placement & Entrepreneurship Cell

PVPIT implements a way to give opportunities to students for their future career by career guidance training, personal effectiveness training courses & career mentoring. The institute has a training & placement Cell, (T&P-Cell) to encourage the spirit of being recruited among the students. The institute has also developed rapport with many multinational leading companies for its placements.


PVPIT is an independent institute that believes in achieving Long Term goals by monitoring and influencing efforts to ensure quality higher learning in students. The institute has a Monitoring team that looks after the conduct of lectures, practical’s and the curriculum of every class. This activity is also the cornerstone of quality assurance is self assessment by the Institutions that helps to overcome the shortcomings and loopholes in the semester. The monitoring of quality assurance procedures and practices is of special Importance to the institute.

Research & Development

The research & development centre of PVPIT recognizes the need to address climate change, ensure to achieve academic excellence, and build a standard of the institute.

Projects & Schemes

Institute renders funds to all departments in order to improve the world of engineers to implement industrial demands through student projects. Also every department has industry sponsored projects. The institute has completed the following research projects sponsored by different government authorities.

Sr. No Name of Project Govt. Authority Funds Received
1. Computerized Performance & Emission Analysis of I.C. Engine MODROB’s 5,50,000/-
2. Industry Institute Partnership Cell IIPC 4,00,000/-
3. Renewal of Metallurgical Laboratory equipment for analysis of Microstructure MODROB’s 9,60,000/-
4. Energy Park Project MEDA 2,84,000/-
5. Solar Water Heating System for Boys & Girls Hostel MEDA 3,00,000/-

Testing & Consultancy

PVPIT offers facilities to carry out the testing and consultancy work. During last three years, institute has carried out testing and consultancy work worth Rs. 37 lacs.


Faculty of the institute takes up areas of specialization and the deep thought of specialized subjects resulting to publications. Following tables provides limelight to the achievements of respective departments.

Sr. No. Department 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13
1. Mechanical 11 02 13
2. Civil 03 13 13
3. Chemical 03 05 09
4. Electronics 04 07 26
5. Electronics & Telecommunication 4 14 15
6. Instrumentation 01   12
7. Information Technology 03 03 08
8. General Engineering      

2010-11 2011-12 2012-13
National International National International National International
16 07 20 25 64 19

Student Chapters & Associations

The institute encourages departments share their special concerns and run programs for students and other members of the community with an interest in information science. Student Chapter Participation is intended to provide students with experience in being active members, and to contribute to personal growth and career development.

Along with this each department has its student association run by the students for the welfare of students. Students participate in a wide range of programs in the co-curricular and extracurricular activities conducted that help students enhance their college experience and prepare them for their careers. The association conducts aptitude tests, technical quizzes, paper/ poster presentations, expert lectures by industry personnel, industry interaction and some cultural activities.

Gymkhana & NSS Center

PVPIT aims at fostering the talents of Young minds. The gymkhana is the hub of the numerous extra-curricular and co-curricular activities in PVPIT ranging from sports to socio-cultural acts. Students develop themselves by throwing their interests in various extra academic activities related to sports, culture and technology.

Also the institute has a NSS Center, which conducts following activities at Institute level.

  • College Campus cleaning
  • Celebration of Independence day
  • Celebration of Swami Vivekanada Jayanti (Youth Day)
  • Celebration of Republic day
  • Free Dental Check up and treatment camp
  • Celebration of Women’s day

ALUMNI Association

The College is proud of having an Alumni Association as the initiative of a group of former students, with the object of organizing an annual reunion. The objective is to promote the social and cultural interests of the alumni, by meetings and publications, and to promote the development of the College.

Student Activity

Date/Period Nature of Activity/Name Organizing Department
4th week July2013 Workshop on Microcontroller Electronics Engg. Department
25th July, 2013 Aptitude Test Instru. Engg. Department
26th July, 2013 Oral presentation Instru. Engg. Department
7th week Aug, 2013 Workshop on Communication skill for B.E. Electronics Engg. Department
12 to17 th Aug 2013 Workshop, Design Contest, essay writing Instru. Engg. Department
26 to 31st Aug 2013 Wall magazine, Poster, oral presentation Instru. Engg. Department
12to17 th Aug, 2013 Paper presentation Instru. Engg. Department
24th Aug, 2013 Workshop on Electronics measuring devices & their utilization E & TC Engg. Department
23rd ,24 th Aug, 2013 Vision I.T. I.T. Engg. Department
7th Sep, 2013 Parent meet All Department
14th ,15th Sept, 2013 Build smart Civil Engg. Department
17-21st Sept, 2013 Project presentation Civil Engg. Department
20th,21st Sep, 2013 Workshop on computer Networking fundamentals E & TC Engg. Department
4th,5th Oct, 2013 Workshop on Applications of Microcontroller E & TC Engg. Department

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