1. To promote Economy, Self reliance & Co-operation amongst the members.
  2. To sell the academic stationery to the students and customers.
  3. To make improvement in the stationery as per academic requirements.
  4. To supply quality stationery to the students and consumers at reasonable prices.

Services offered by Sanstha:

  • Academic stationery
  • Note book at concessional rate
  • Photo coping (Xerox) facility during college hours
  • Various forms for college use
  • Various forms for University use
  • Forms for Bus & Banks use
  • Manuals of M.S.B.T.E.
  • For daily services, Sanstha opened two counters operated by 02(two) employs.

Padmabhooshan Vasantraodada Patil Vidhyarthi Sahakari Grahak Sanstha Maryadit, Budhgaon has done Audit for the financial year 2009-10,2010-11,2012-13 with in the scheduled dates and has published the same.

Utilization of Students welfare funds:

  • Two water coolers of 100 lit capacity each during 2007-08 Rs-72,675/-
  • Two Water Purifier (R.O) systems during year 2008-09 Rs-37,909/-
  • Four water coolers of 100 lit capacity during year 2008-09 Rs.1,16,918/-

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