Boys Hostel

The institute has multistoried hostel building inside the campus, which accommodates about 324 students. Guest staying facility is available for visiting parents. The hostels have all necessary facilities such as water coolers, R. O. treated purified drinking water, TV, Medical First aid unit, Water heating plant, News Papers, Indoor games, Canteen, Mess, Xerox Center available inside the campus.

Faculty Profile

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Designation
1. Dr. Mrs.  Anushka  A. Patil Chief Rector
2. Mr. S. S. Patil Rector
3. Mr. P. V. Phalle Dy. Rector
4. Mr. Dhanaji Patil Clerk

Students Committee

Sr. No. Name of Student Class Designation
1. Vinayak Shivaji Patil B.E (Chem) General Secretary
2. Dnyaneshwar D Jadhav T.E (Civil) Secretary
3. Akshay Sopan Mahind B.E (Mech) Treasurer
4. Amol Ghutagade B.E (E&Tc) Member
5. Suraj Shamrao Patil T.E (E&Tc) Member
6. Sachin Balaji Shekapure S.E (Chem) Member
7. Mahaling Rama Nandiwale S.E (Civil) Member
8. Anil Nana Sathe F.E (Chem) Member
9. Viraj Vinayak Latke F.E ( Mech) Member


  • Purified RO Drinking Water.
  • Hot Water for bath.
  • Wi–Fi Internet Access.
  • Recreation Hall with Television
  • Gymkhana Access.
  • News Paper -Times of India, Sakal, Pudhari, Tarun Bharat, PunnyaNagari, Lokmat,Maharashtra Times.
  • Magazines- Lokprabha, India Today, Sports Star, CSR, Employment News, Front Line.
  • Medical Facility-On campus and for urgent medical help, MoUs with Ambulance Agencies and Medical Practitioners are signed.


Sr No. Name of Hostel Year Floor No. of Room’s Available
1. Rajiv Gandhi Hostel FE Ground + First +Second 34
2. Shivaji Hostel SE Ground 24
3. Shivaji Hostel TE First 24
4. Shivaji Hostel BE Second 24
Sr No. Name of Hostel No. of Rooms Available No. of students per Room Total Capacity Grand Total Capacity
1. Shivaji Hostel 72 03 216 324
2. Rajiv Gandhi Hostel 36 03 108


Boys Hostel Details 2017-18

66 41 72 88 257

Boys Hostel Details 2016-17

50 80 77 70 277

Boys Hostel Details 2015-16

52 85 63 78 278

Boys Hostel Details 2014-15

72 63 87 85 307

Cultural Activity

  • Dhai-Handy.
  • Ganpati Festival.
  • Rangpanchami.
  • Kojagiri Pournima.

Rules & Regulation…

  • Hostel Admission should be taken by paying complete fee.
  • Admission can be cancelled within 15 days by paying processing fee of Rs.500=00 if the admission iscancelled after 15 days, fees are not refundable.
  • While taking admission, the things provided to the candidate such as Table, Bed, .Chair,Tube, Fan etc should be returned by leaving the room in proper condition, otherwise the fine will be charged.
  • No candidate is allowed to bring Tiffin from outside, if found, fine will be charged for the same. Campus mess is compulsory.
  • Rooms must be kept clean.
  • Use of Electric goods (for example Heater, Iron etc) in room is strictly prohibited.
  • If candidate is found using alcohol or smoking, candidate’s admission in hostel will be cancelled immediately.
  • Outsiders are not allowed to stay in hostel. If found in any room, then concern person will be fined the sum of full semester fee.
  • Hot water is available in the Hostel from morning 6:00am to 7:30am.
  • After 11:00pm, no candidate is allowed to enter in the hostel. In exceptional cases, student should take Gate- Pass.
  • Time provided for watching T.V. is from 6:00pm to 10:00pm.Before 15 days of exam T.V. will be completely switched off.
  • If any candidate is involved in ragging, then as per the anti-ragging act, action will be taken immediately.
  • Candidate should bring all precious things Gold, Money, Laptop, Calculator, Mobile etc. on his own responsibility. If any things are lost, management/hostel authority is not responsible for the same.
  • While going to home after completing the exams of each semester, the candidate should register in the office, then only he is allowed to leave the room otherwise he will be charged for same.
  • Celebrations such as Birthdays, Hostel day and also any cultural festivals such as GanpatiUstav, Holi, Kojagiri, Janmasthami, etc. are not allowed in the hostel.
  • Gate- Pass is compulsory while going outside from campus.
  • The things requested by the individual candidate such as computer etc should be registered at the gate before entering into the hostel .If the things are not registered at the gate then those are not allowed to be used and taken out.
  • All the above rules & regulations should be followed strictly.
  • Changes/amendments in the above rules and regulations will be made as and when required and will be binding on the students staying in the hostel.

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